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Custom Drop Shot Worms for Lake St. Clair

Custom Drop Shot Worms for Lake St. Clair

Posted by Jake on May 19th 2019

For many years we have fished the amazing Lake St. Clair. We have made many trips from Cincinnati to Lake St. Clair and have come to learn many things about the lake including great spots to catch large and smallmouth bass and the most effective baits and lures to use on the lake. After many years and trips to Lake St. Clair we decided to begin creating our own drop-shot worms. Conveniently, my dad and I have been running an online fishing and hunting website called that gave us an outlet to share our custom WeDoFishing Drop-Shot Worms with the rest of the Lake St. Clair fishing community. We have had the ability to experiment with hundreds of different bait types and figured out the colors, shapes, and sizes perfect for catching small and largemouth bass. It is not unusual for us to catch over 100 fish per day on Lake St. Clair and we wanted to share some of our secret sauce with you.

We first started making our WeDoFishing Drop-Shot Baits available in just 3.5”, but recently purchased a new mold to begin creating 4.25” drop-shot worms after getting numerous requests from our community. All of our custom baits are made with special care in our garage. Bait making started as a hobby for us as we wanted to see if we could create our own drop-shot baits and colors to use on Lake St. Clair. After many trips to the lake we figured there had to be a more cost-efficient way to enjoy our fishing trips. We first used our custom baits only for ourselves, but quickly realized how great our baits were working and decided to share them with the rest of the fishing community.

We have designed drop-shot baits that touch all ends of the color spectrum to help assist you in fishing on Lake St. Clair. Our colors are unique to us and tested to work on one of the nation’s greatest bass fishing lakes. Our C-Flash Drop-Shot Worm is practically transparent and includes a touch of black flake. This bait has earned its spot as one of our favorites for clear water. Moving down the line, one of our favorite innovations is the Toothpaste Drop Shot-Worm. This bait, like all WeDoFishing Drop-Shot Worms is available in both 3.5” and 4.25”. By incorporating a mixture of blues, greens, and purples, we were able to create a one of a kind color that resembles toothpaste. This bait is also a great choice for clear water but we have had success using this bait in a variety of fishing environments. We have had great luck with all of our custom colors so it is really up to you to experiment with them and decide what works best! Some of our other favorites are our Carolina-GoldGrazeBig-Gold, and Smurp.

Contact Us with any questions or special requests and we would be happy to help you out!