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Meat Slicers

WeDoFishing offers LEM Meat Slicers including the 10" and 7 1/2" commercial slicers. Save yourself half the time it would take to cut your food by hand and invest in one of these slicers for your wild game, deli meat, or fruit and vegetable processing needs. 

Contact Us with any questions and we would be happy to assist you.

  • LEM 10" Commercial Meat Slicer #1020

    The LEM 10" Commercial Slicer #1020 will give you perfect deli meat cuts from your favorite boneless meats. This heavy-duty commercial grade slicer includes a finely honed blade that rarely needs to be sharpened, even with frequent use. Sharpener is...

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  • LEM Meat Slicer with 7-1/2" Blade #832

    The LEM Meat Slicer with 7-1/2" Blade #832 is a perfect slicer for those looking to cut their own foods from home. This slicer has a steel base with aluminum die-cast housing. The 80-watt motor slices fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat from...

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