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Our Story

WeDoFishing is a small family-owned custom bait-maker and LEM distributor based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We offer a wide variety of hand-poured drop shot baits touching all ends of the color spectrum. We understand every body of water is different and we are always trying to create new colors for our customers.

Our family has a long history spending time in the outdoors fishing and hunting. After many successful fishing trips and FLW tournaments, we decided to begin offering our homemade WeDoFishing Drop Shot baits to the fishing community. Our soft plastic baits have helped us catch thousands of large and smallmouth bass on lakes and rivers all over the country. Some of our personal favorites include Lake St. Clair, Lake Okeechobee, and Lake Chickamauga.

We are constantly coming up with new colors to add to our inventory of baits and lures and we are always interested in hearing from our customers about what could work for you. Our current WeDoFishing Drop Shot bait selection includes: Big-Gold, C-Flash, Carolina-Gold, Craze, Smurp, and Toothpaste. Also available, is the umbrella We-Rig in which our co-founder, Scott, won the 2019 Lake Chickamauga FLW Co-Angler series with. 


WeDoFishing Drop-Shot Baits


LEM is located in our backyard of Cincinnati, giving us the fortunate ability to ship top-of-the-line products to our customers in just a few days. We will always work with you to make sure you are receiving the best value and price on your LEM order.

Our selection of LEM products includes:

We are an avid supporter of LEM products. After making our own deer and elk jerky with LEM products for many years, we decided to become an authorized distributor for the leader in game processing.


As our inventory expands, we are always looking for new products to offer our customers.

Contact Us if you have an exciting product waiting to benefit the fishing and outdoors community or general questions about our product selection and business.



Bob, Scott, and Jake